I launched Hedenstrom.com April 16, 1999. I thought it was a nice idea to grab the domain name as my family name is Hedenström. I used to run a website by the name The Northern Light at this very address, but I came to a point in life where I could not prioritize it enough to spend the time it needed. So I have taken it off the web for now.

So right now, not very much is happening at hedenstrom.com, but if you are interested in buying stuff from my music collection you will find them at my "music for sale" page (www.hedenstrom.com/music4sale).

It would be fun to hear from other people with the family name Hedenström out there. I would gladly link to any other Hedenström's out there with web sites!

Lennart Hedenström

Luleå - My hometown where I grew up.
Öjestrand - Golf course where I am a member.
Luleå Hockey - Favorite hockey team.
Sundsvall - The town where I live today.

E-mail: lennart@hedenstrom.com